Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?”— Evil Queen Grimhilde- The Brothers Grimm

Ever wondered if life could truly be a fairy tale?  You know at the end of the day, you don’t have to work the Prince Charming is actually charming and you slayed all the evil step parents.  The story of Snow White has been a long fascination for me.  A princess gets mistreated her entire existence.  For simply being considered “beautiful” by everyone else around her.  This causes her step parent to have  a deep rooted hatred and even several assassination attempts.But if you read the tale of Snow White carefully, never ever did she consider herself to be the “Fairest of them all” it was everyone else.  I know kinda eye opening when you actually think about it. So in today’s concept we give ode to the lovely “Snow White” this time with a bit of modern vintage flair.  The “Bon Bon” outfit from .::{Solstice}::. gives our Snow White some shimmy to sashay what the Brothers Grimm of Linden Labs gave her.  I am quite fond of the outfit as I find it accentuates curves most gracefully and its also compatible for the mesh bodies.  Another treat found were the “Xenira” eyes from Sucidal Unborn a very new release which they were awesome to include catwa and omega appliers! And to give our BonBon the vixenish look I discovered a very cute eyeshadow at the recent round of .Suicide DollZ. the latest from .ARISE. the “Rina” eyeshadow.   I decided to keep true to famed verses of the fairy tale, so for a pale skin we went with the “Varda” skin from Lumae, for ravenesque tresses- I did two hairs  for my longer look the lovely “Thea” from .:EMO-tions:.  and the “Widow” hair from  DOE.  for my updo.  Yes I will admit my “Snow White” may not be so innocent but it is perhaps she may have learned a thing or two from the wicked queen. So how about them apples?  ;-P

Skin: Lumae:: Jewel-Varda— (Sponsor Thank you Always XOXOXO)
Head: CATWA -Catya Bento
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body- Lara
Eyes: -SU!- Xenira Eyes- SAPPHIRE ***new release***
Hair: Longer- .:EMO-tions:. – Thea B/W
Updo- Doe: Widow- Monotones
Make up: Eyeshadow- .ARISE.– Rina Eyeshadow/ Black ***new release*** (current round of .Sucide DollZ.)
Accessories: Nails- ..::Energie::.. Long Point Nails
Gloves: =Zenith= Vintage Tighten Gloves (Black)
Earrings: :: Miss LT Apple Earrings
Tattoo: .::Supernatural::. Royals Tattoo

Stockings:  .:AVANTI:.–  Discord Stockings -Black
Collar: ALTAIR* kitty collar. purity black.
Outfit: Skirt + Top .::{Solstice}::. BonBon-White
Shoes: .::MVD::. Ballerina Fetish Leather Straps- Black (must need Slink Pointe Feet)

Props: 7) {anc} Looking-glass {oval mirror} platinum (gacha)

Location: Paradise Island, Amarco —private residence


Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful!’ and sitting in the shade.” —Rudyard Kipling

Greetings Second Lifers!  Yes its been a while, but those of us who dwell in the depths have been busy with mostly RL things of here and there.  But I for the moment have returned to the depths and I offer this wonderful photo! As most of you are aware that the grid has done that “Bento” thing.  And my avatar is no exception, I recently purchased the “Catya” Bento Mesh head from Catwa and I tell you.  I am amazed. Yes there is quite a learning curve if you have never used a mesh head before.  Yes you will want to pull your hair out, curse the designer, and other things out of mass frustration.  But the quality of it cannot be match.  It’s the awesome yo.  The fact you can customize your own face in pure mesh is worth it.  Trust me ladies its so very worth it.  So this is a very special one shot photo done by the wonderful London Amaterasu Hecate-Tunwarm (my waifu ya’ll!) forever in gratitude of her endless creativity she takes my avatar to new levels.  With this concept its very playful feminine dandy with a dash of Victorian burlesque.  I look forward to 2017 “The Year of Bento” within our Second Lives.





Skin: Lumae:: Eirtae- T1- Milk// Amalthea
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Head: CATWA– CATYA- Bento
Eyes: .ARISE. -Beena Eyes – Catwa appliers (Chapter Four current round 2017)
Hair: .Olive.– The Steamer Hair- Color Fades
Accessories: Gloves: =Zenith= Vintage Tighten Gloves- Milk
Collar: Stockholm & Lima: Princess Pearls
Nails: ..::Energie::.. Long Point Nails
Stockings + Garters: %.:EC:. Package Kinaya
Outfit: Dress: Yasum *Burlesque Cutie* — Creme
Shoes : #EMPIRE– Dianella

Special Guest Photographer: London Amaterasu Hecate- Tunwarm



Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day.  Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.” —-Terry Pratchett

The star sign Sagittarius is associated with fire.  Did you know that?  I mean we all know about the Centaur association but fire too?  An excellent combination to say the least.  Now my astrological sign is Gemini and its element is “Air” but hey that’s besides the point.   When you think of “Fire” what do you think?  The strength, the power, the destruction, or the cleansing?  Well Lady Falta and the house of Sugar Mesh  brings you a smoking top with its own fire .  The “Candy” Top will surely set hearts on fire and then some.  Its cute, sexy, fits perfectly, and gives a great midriff look as far as tops go.  With today’s concept I went with something engulfed with flames.  I decided for a Doo-Wop  rockabilly concept and found these adorable Cherry Capris at Goth1c0 to go along with the “Candy” halter top.  What can I say the devil in me came out and I wonder if it can bring out the fire in you 😛


SL LOTD 12/22/2016 “DEVIL’S BRIS”
Skin: Lumae:: Niska-Varda :: Bathory
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes-Jade
Hair: Doe: Karlie – (Monotone)
Makeup: Eyeshadows: R. icielli- DIVA Makeups/ Eyeshadow#7
{S0NG}:: Razor Eyeliner
Accessories: Earrings: :Z.S. Cherry Earrings
Collar: Cute Poison- Adored Collar Black
Ring: [stellar] Black Widow Ring
Bangles: [monso] My Kitty Bangle – Black
Nails: ~GD~ Deviant Dolly (Claw)
Tattoo: .Things. Serendipity Tattoo
Outfit: Top- SUGAR MESH- Candy Halter ***New Release***  (Sponsor Thank you for Everythng XOXOXOXO)
Capri Pants: Goth1c0: Rockabilly Capri Pants-Cherry Pie
Shoes: REIGN.-Platform Heels

Poses: La Baguette & oOO
Location: PSY CITY SEA SIDE DINER & New Orleans Sim


Omnibus in foro S.P.D

“Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy.”—-Edwin Osgood  Grover

Tis the season of Yuletide mirth, mischief, and the mass gathering of loot from other people.  Even on the grid of second life, those we call Second Lifers get all up in the mood for winter.  You will see glacial kingdoms, winter wonderlands, and yep you guessed it Santas Workshop makes an appearance.   But what that’s not all folks, when there is winter there is also some serious smoking hot fashion.  As you can take for example the lovely “Jella” dress from sponsor BLASPHEMIC.  A lovely lace like ensemble that accentuates the curves quite nicely.  The “Jella” dress comes in mesh body compatibility and every size known to woman plus many a color including a very nice holly-like red which I found most delightful!   Also while you can ladies pick up the new “Glitteratti” heels from REIGN. I know Reign made a glittery shoe *gasp gasp gasp* and they are wonderful I can truly attest! With today’s concept I went back to my old skin tone of caramel to create a Fawn, her goal you say?  Is to find Santa she needs a new jingle in her step lol!    Those of those us who dwell in the depths encourage and wish all grid folk a Happy Holiday season.  May you rack up as much loot as the best Buccaneer and find your partridge in a pear tree 😀

Skin: L~(Lumae) Nima: Tone 5 -Caramel
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes- Jade
Hair: Doe: Deer Me- Essentials
Make up: Fawn Makeup:.Oh!Liv. Fawn Nose +Face Spots + Cheekspots
Eyeshadow: {SONG}:: Razor Eyeliner
Lipstick: **NOYA** Face Make Up Lip Gloss 2
Accessories: Earrings: :::Anno Domini::: Vampiress Earring
Necklace: Zuri Rayna~ Burlesque 2Necklace Ruby
Hand chains: TABOU. SALMA Handchain- Black
Rings: :[P]:- Opaline Hari Set:// Darknys
Nails: .::Energie::. Long Point Nails
Tail: Short Tail
Outfit: Dress: BLASPHEMIC- JELLA DRESS- RED ***New Release*** (Sponsor Thank you for everything XOXOXOXO)
Shoes: REIGN.- GLITTERATTI HEELS ***New Release***

Poses: oOO & an lar [poses]

Location: Santa’s Workshop– North Pole


Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“All good things are wild, and free.”—Henry David Thoreau

There is something to getting in touch with your “Inner Wild Child”-  I mean we all have them. They lurk about in the inner depths of your mental psyche, just begging to be let out. The clawing, scratching, tearing of any barrier that separates you from said beast.  Sometimes mine likes to come out and say hello every one in a while.  It’s good for the soul every once in occasion.  Like recently with the newest group gift from.:Soul:.with the Fala Ethereal-Leopard skin, which is a group gift from good ole Charlie Senpai.  The catch is you have to catch the lucky chair in your legacy name, not an easy feat.  Took myself three days, but three days well worth it! I mean those leopard spots are just fierce! You can also simply the buy the skin if you don’t want to go through the wheel-of-lucky-chairs but whatever you decide may the odds may ever be in your favor lol.  So another gem that was sent to me were the new leg straps from sponsor BLASPHEMIC which are exclusive for Maitreya body and it does come in as usual different hues.  They fit actually most seamless and great for those wilder looks.  With today’s concept  I wanted something most Fantasy like to go with the skin.  So I did a complete Fantasy style leopardess, complete with hawk talons, dragon eyes, and leopard skin.  I go where the wild things are so come follow me 😀

SL LOTD 11/29/2016 “GONE FERAL”
Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F-Fala- [SE Ethereal-Leopard]-**GG/Lucky Chairs**
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara
Eyes: +Dragon Eye Violet+ {aii}
Hair: (r)M Hair No, 38’15
Make up Eyeshadow: :{SONG}:: Razor Eyeliner
#adored– cruz shadow-purple
Lipstick:-Glam Affair- Leah Lipstick #13
Accessories: Leg Straps: BLASPHEMIC-LEGSTRAPS ***NEW RELEASE***  ====Sponsor Thank you For Everything XOXOXOXO========
Claws: Kibitz– Falcon claws-Onyx (11:11 Event)
Garters: [CX] Threadbare Garter -gacha
Bracelets:O.M.E.N. Spiked Bracelet
Collar: ~Yiver~ Twila Collar
Outfit: Top & Skirt – [CX] Threadbare Top & Skirt- gacha
Shoes: [CX] Kaiken Anklets- Black
Poses:oOo & {MUA}

Location: King Kong’s Jungle


Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“Loquacity storms the ear, but modesty takes the heart.”—- Robert South
When you think of storms, do you think of the upcoming tempest?  Do you think of the rain?  Or do you think of the chaos that’s often associated with it? Perhaps you think all of the above? I love storms personally, the power of them, and rejuvenating of the earth when its over.  If you cannot withstand the storm, how will you defend your shelter?  How will you defend yourself?  Metaphors, allegories, and other word euphemisms are also associated with such stormy weather.With today’s blog concept, I bring you the storm in a more calmer mood.  And with the newest release from sponsor’s BLASPHEMIC  I decided to try to do a modern like cosplay of “Storm” from X-men with the “Phaerl” skin from Lumae. Not often do I play with darker skin tones outside of the Drow genre, so this is indeed extra special. Lady All-Star designed the wonderful “Bea” dress which fit perfectly with Omega appliers,it also comes in TMP  as well. Also in different colors hud so you can pick and choose.  I went with white to make the skin stand out and was not disappointed the results.  So yes ladies go find your inner storm and release her you never know what will come out in the end.

Skin: Lumae:: Eirate-Phaerl ====Sponsor Thank you For Everything -XOXOXO====
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes- LIGHT
Hair: [taketomi]_Hina_ Platinums
Makeup: Eyeshadow: The Wicked Peach- Succubus #6
{SONG}:: Razor Eyeliner
Accessories: Arm Wraps:{VINCUE} & Kibitz + Arm- Snow- gacha
Rings: :[P]:– Opaline- Laura Ringset:// Silvered- gacha
Collar: ~Yiver~ Twila Collar
Nails: ..::Energie::.. Long Point Nails
Outfit: BLASPHEMIC-BEA DRESS***NEW RELEASE***  ===Sponsor Thank you for Everything -XOXOXO===

Poses: {exposeur}, [Black Tulip] & {MUA}
Location: Devils Tail


Omnibus in foro S.P.D.


“Brevity is the soul of lingerie”— Dorothy Parker


First I would like to wish everyone across the grid who is celebrating Thanksgiving, a Happy Thanksgiving.  May your cornucopia be full of morsels, the wine continue to flow, and the fighting of unwanted relatives were kept to a minimum.  You know what comes after Thanksgiving? That’s right BLACK FRIDAY  ooop wait and then CYBER MONDAY. 

Our sponsor the :Pharmacist:  brings you a cute, fun, and flirty lingerie set.  That will be sure to bring the tomcats to your door.  The “Mia” lingerie set comes in maitreya and slink appliers and multiple colors.   Also it will be part of a upcoming Black Friday -Cyber Monday event so that means you can also get it dirt cheap.  So be sure when you are out shopping doing the mass black Friday sales across the grid you know fighting the lag and all the interesting avatars you will most definitely see.  Make you sure also get this lingerie treat ;-).

With this concept I decided to create a human Neko-ish character. I call her “Tsing Tsing”  she’s fun, flirty, and playful.  You see like a good kitten she’s waiting  patiently for her Tomcat to come and make the night more enjoyable.  I believe we are all adults  sometimes the less you say is more 😀




Skin: Lumae:: Adore- Varda:: Lilith
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body-Lara
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Starfall
Hair: Doe: Widow- Pastels
Make up: Eyeshadows: {SONG}:: Razor Eyeliner
#adored- cruz shadow-purple
Lipstick: :Soul: Catalina-Makeup -Lips (F4)
Accessories: Earrings:*R+a* petit heart Earring
Rings: : [P]:- Opaline- Laura Ringset- Silvered (gacha)
Tail: CURELESS & DISORDERLY/ AkibaCafe/Neko Tail White
Stocking: REIGN.- Sheer Stockings
Collar & Bracelets: Stockholm & Lima- Princess Pearls
Nails: ..::Energie::.. Long Point Nails
Outfit: ::Pharmacist:: Mia Lingerie ***NEW RELEASE***
Shoes: #EMPIRE-Aubreita

Kitty cat Plushie: .ST. Plush Luna- Huggable

Poses from oOO & {exposeur}

Location: Stranded Lagoon- private residence