Omnibus in foro S.P.D.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?”— Evil Queen Grimhilde- The Brothers Grimm

Ever wondered if life could truly be a fairy tale?  You know at the end of the day, you don’t have to work the Prince Charming is actually charming and you slayed all the evil step parents.  The story of Snow White has been a long fascination for me.  A princess gets mistreated her entire existence.  For simply being considered “beautiful” by everyone else around her.  This causes her step parent to have  a deep rooted hatred and even several assassination attempts.But if you read the tale of Snow White carefully, never ever did she consider herself to be the “Fairest of them all” it was everyone else.  I know kinda eye opening when you actually think about it. So in today’s concept we give ode to the lovely “Snow White” this time with a bit of modern vintage flair.  The “Bon Bon” outfit from .::{Solstice}::. gives our Snow White some shimmy to sashay what the Brothers Grimm of Linden Labs gave her.  I am quite fond of the outfit as I find it accentuates curves most gracefully and its also compatible for the mesh bodies.  Another treat found were the “Xenira” eyes from Sucidal Unborn a very new release which they were awesome to include catwa and omega appliers! And to give our BonBon the vixenish look I discovered a very cute eyeshadow at the recent round of .Suicide DollZ. the latest from .ARISE. the “Rina” eyeshadow.   I decided to keep true to famed verses of the fairy tale, so for a pale skin we went with the “Varda” skin from Lumae, for ravenesque tresses- I did two hairs  for my longer look the lovely “Thea” from .:EMO-tions:.  and the “Widow” hair from  DOE.  for my updo.  Yes I will admit my “Snow White” may not be so innocent but it is perhaps she may have learned a thing or two from the wicked queen. So how about them apples?  ;-P

Skin: Lumae:: Jewel-Varda— (Sponsor Thank you Always XOXOXO)
Head: CATWA -Catya Bento
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body- Lara
Eyes: -SU!- Xenira Eyes- SAPPHIRE ***new release***
Hair: Longer- .:EMO-tions:. – Thea B/W
Updo- Doe: Widow- Monotones
Make up: Eyeshadow- .ARISE.– Rina Eyeshadow/ Black ***new release*** (current round of .Sucide DollZ.)
Accessories: Nails- ..::Energie::.. Long Point Nails
Gloves: =Zenith= Vintage Tighten Gloves (Black)
Earrings: :: Miss LT Apple Earrings
Tattoo: .::Supernatural::. Royals Tattoo

Stockings:  .:AVANTI:.–  Discord Stockings -Black
Collar: ALTAIR* kitty collar. purity black.
Outfit: Skirt + Top .::{Solstice}::. BonBon-White
Shoes: .::MVD::. Ballerina Fetish Leather Straps- Black (must need Slink Pointe Feet)

Props: 7) {anc} Looking-glass {oval mirror} platinum (gacha)

Location: Paradise Island, Amarco —private residence


Author: tragedienne31

T.B. Morte (Tragedienne Belleen Altessa Camille de'Morte) is a amateur writer of gothic poetry and other forms of writing, she is currently working on many projects including the Fantasy novel “Human Skin”. She received her writing education from the school of Tolkien hard knocks and hanging about the crypts of Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Lord Byron, and Emily Dickinson. After fifteen years of writing Poetry, T.B. Morte decided to venture into other forms of writing. Including Fan Fiction, short stories, along with novel writing. In addition to writing, T. B. Morte is an avid collector of Fantasy Art, huge fan of history especially the Roman Empire and Victorian Era, the card game canasta, playing the game Second Life, and occasional bird watching. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona along with her roommate and cats Avalonne & Baboo. She can be contacted at bellesfrost (at) gmail (dot) com or bellesfrost@gmail.com for commissions. Accepting commissions please contact at the e-mail listed. T.B. Morte's other passion is DJ'ing and uploads sets at https://www.mixcloud.com/neylinn-foa-vulpes/

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